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Solar Energy Systems provide you with:

  • Clean
  • Reliable
  • Affordable energy

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Oak Park Avenue A Parking Garage - 100 kW PV Array


SMA Inverted:  Award Winning PV System Revs up Illinois Parking Garage

Our customers say it best! ComEd rate hikes don't hit as hard if you own solar! 

Fox32 News: ComEd: Residential Electricity Rates on Rise - May 2014


Solar Power International 2013, Solar Thermal Success Stories - Oct 23 '13

Solar Service is the premier solar design and installation company in the Midwest, successfully installing over 2MW in solar electric systems and over 2,000 solar thermal  systems since 1977!

Having worked on more residential systems and commercial systems in Illinois over the past 30 years than any other company, we are confident we can tailor a solution for you as well.

Expertise sets us apart!

  • Expert knowledge - over 65 years combined experience!
  • Industry Certified Installers - NABCEP PV, PV Sales & Thermal
  • Quality materials
  • Meaningful warranties that stand behind our work
  • Simple, affordable solutions!

Our design team consults with owners, builders and architects nationally, integrating solar energy into environmentally friendly and economically smart homes and businesses.

The first decision is to go solar. The second is to do it right with Solar Service; Chicago’s most trusted and proven solar installer!

Learn more about our team.